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Pasadena Dog Daycare Reviews


When it comes to keeping Buster groomed and presentable, Bowhaus grooming is ready for the task. Our professional groomers will be there to consult and help you decide the best cut and salon care for him.

We offer a full line of services from a quick rinse to a head to tail massage. Is Buster disgruntled from another groomer? Don’t worry, bring him in and we’ll consult with you for the best way to get his groove back.

Dog Grooming PasadenaSpeed and professionalism is key. Let’s face it…our best friends dread baths. They detest the sound of hair dryers. And word is…nobody likes to get a gland expression. Yuck.

Our guests will be able to play at our day care until their appointment time and then our pros will work their magic to get Buster in and out as soon as canine-ly possible.  Day care guests must pass temperament test and be current within 6 months for bordatella vaccines.

If you would like more information, or to schedule an appointment please contact us!


  • All Breeds & Types

  • Stylish Grooming

  • Complete Salon
    Line Selection

Full Groom Includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Cut and Style, Nails, and Ears!

Small Dogs
Grooming: $40 – $65
Bathing: $30-$35
For dogs weighing
up to 25 pounds
Large Dogs
Grooming: $75 – $90
Bathing: $50-$60
For dogs weighing
between 51-70 pounds
Medium Dogs
Grooming: $65 – $75
Bathing: $40-$50
For dogs weighing
between 26 – 50 pounds
XLarge Dogs
Grooming: $90+
Bathing: $60+
For dogs weighing
71 pounds and up
Nails: $10.00

Anal Glands: $10.00*

Nails & Glands: $15.00

Flea Bath: $10.00

Nail Polish: $10.00

Tooth Brushing: $10.00

Get just what they need with individual pricing.


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