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Pasadena Dog Daycare Reviews






We spare no expense when it comes to the care of our beloved pets and at Bowhaus, this expense is never passed on to you. For years we have always wondered why we would have to pay so much for extra posh and pampering that our loved ones should receive in the first place.

At Bowhaus, we offer full day care services including a “cage-less” facility, exclusive feeding times, play times (including belly rubs!), and all of the amenities that your pup needs to be happy and feel safe. Don’t worry…everything is included!

Our No Dog Gets Left Behind policy is to simply ensure that your best friend gets the best care that they deserve. Every guest is catered to individually. We carefully monitor every guest to guard against anxiety and incidents. A trained day care counselor will work one on one with guests feeling a little homesick during their initial stays.



Cage Free Doggie Day Care Pricing

**Please note that payment is due at time of PICK UP. We accept cash and credit cards.

Half Day
We will take excellent care of your friend for up to 4 hours
Full Day
We will take excellent care of your friend for up to 12 hours
3-20 Day Packages
3 Day Package $70.00 ($23.33 per day)
10 Day Package $230.00 (23.00 per day)
25 Day Package $420.00 (16.80 per day)
CAGE FREE Overnight Boarding
CAGE FREE Dog Boarding is NOW AVAILABLE for all dog sizes & breeds